#77: Restless Movement In An Empty Room (A Conversation With Brian Gathy)

• April 6th, 2021

Episode 77 is a conversation with Brian Gathy. Brian hosts the excellent podcast End on End which is covering the entire Dischord Records catalog by release. Brian along with his co-host Jeff do an amazing job digging deep into these records, and have had a who's who of Dischord related folks on the podcast. We of course talk quite a bit about Brian's time getting into music in Washington DC, seeing shows at The Wilson Center and we talk about the process of podcasting, something I was looking forward to talking about. Great conversation, great guest. Brian will definitely be on the podcast again. 

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#28: Stuck Inside Providence With The Memphis Blues Again

• March 30th, 2021

Episode 28 is a quick update on the podcast and an excuse to fill in two old episode numbers that needed to be replaced. There is a quick 7 Seconds story here as well as some cool news about the podcast. A regular conversation episode will be back next week. This episode includes the song "Skies Filled With Wizards" from my old band Presley. 

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#76: Somewhere In Time (A Conversation With Steve Brooks)

• March 23rd, 2021

Episode 76 is a conversation with Steve Brooks, Steve is best known as the guitar player and singer of bands Torche and Floor. I've been a big fan of both of these bands who play some of the heaviest and catchiest music around. We get into where that inspiration came from to create the music in those bands, starting like a number of my guests, with Kiss, and we end up in the present where Steve gives me an update on what Torche has been up to so far in 2021 (hint: new music has been recorded) Steve was a great guest, as one of my favorite musicians working today I appreciate him taking the time to chat. 

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#75: Remember Tomorrow (Another Conversation With Bob Mayo)

• March 16th, 2021

Episode 75 is another conversation with Bob Mayo of the Boston area metal band Wargasm. This episode almost serves as a prequel to the first one we did (Episode 27) where we mostly talked about the history of Wargasm. Here we talk about the music that Bob grew up with starting around 1978 with Sabbath and Kiss, hitting the NWOBHM in 1980 and going up to around when thrash metal hit. Bob is a great storyteller and loves talking about music, I'm glad we were able to talk again and plan to do some more episodes in the future. 

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#74: Rip It Out (A Conversation With Fred Estby)

• March 9th, 2021

Episode 74 is a conversation with founder of death metal band Dismember, Fred Estby. Dismember were a pioneering death metal band out of Sweden and Fred I talk about how that band came about as well as his roots way before that in the metal tape trading world. Fred is an amazing story teller, check out his story about Dismember facing obsenity charges in London because of one of their records. This was one of the episodes that made me remember why I like doing this podcast. Thanks Fred! 

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#73:Just Making Noise (A Conversation With Kenny Chambers)

• March 2nd, 2021

Episode 73 is a conversation with Kenny Chambers who is most notable for Moving Targets as well as playing in a number of other bands including Jones Very and Bullet Lavolta. We talk about the history of Moving Targets, the different lineups he's had through the years including how he hooked up with his current rhythm section who are amazing and have recorded a bunch of new music including 2020's excellent Humbucker record. Kenny is one of my favorite songwriters of all time and is a humble and nice guy, I'm glad I was able to hear some of these stories. 

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#72: Came Without Warning (A Conversation With Enoch Thompson)

• February 23rd, 2021

Episode 72 is a conversation with Enoch Thompson who you may know as Skeeter Thompson. Enoch has played bass for the band Scream for over 40 years now. Rather than start at the beginning of time like I normally do we start in 1981 and talk about his time in Scream from their first tour with Government Issue to trips to Europe, recording various records and more recent shows all the while forming a family like bond with his bandmates that still exists today. Enoch also talks about a number of current projects as well. Music is in his DNA and his bands music has been a big part of mine so it was great to talk to him here.

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#71: Expectations Exceed Reality (A Conversation With Nathaniel Shannon)

• February 16th, 2021

In this episode I talk with photographer Nathaniel Shannon about his journey from Michigan to New York, photographing such artists as King Diamond and Dismember to marches in New York after the murder of George Floyd. All of his stories are great and he's extremely passionate about all of his work as you will hear in this episode. I will definitely have Nathaniel back on in the future. 

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#70: A National Acrobat (A Conversation With Chris Johnson)

• February 9th, 2021

Episode 70 is a conversation with Chris Johnson. Chris is recording and mix engineer from the Boston area who also plays in the bands Summoner, Deafheaven and Doomriders. We talk about how he got interested in the sound end of music as well as performing music. How he got into the band Deafheaven and what that's has been like. Chris has his hand in a number of different projects and is extremely passionate about all of them which made him a great guest for the podcast. 

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#69: Why Be Something That You’re Not (A Conversation With Al Quint)

• February 2nd, 2021

Episode 69 is a two hour long conversation with my good friend Al Quint. With his fanzine Suburban Punk which turned into Suburban Voice Al reached countless people with issues packed with tons of record and live reviews, interviews and photographs of the punk and hardcore scene. On this episode we talk about his early musical influences from the first show he saw at The Rat with the Plasmatics to how we started his fanzine Suburban Voice. Al has always been a great story teller, I worked with him, was in a band with him so this was a comfortable and laid back conversation that covers a lot of ground, I'm glad some of these stories I've heard him tell and ones I was there for are told on this episode.  Thanks Al!

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